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Broomcorn Johnnys

A small number of craftsmen keep the historic art of broom making alive and vibrant. Brian Newton, owner of Broomcorn Johnny's creates handmade & handcrafted traditional brooms. Using tools from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Brian, a national prize winning artist and multi-year adjudicated member of the prestigious Early American Lifes' Directory of Traditional American Crafts, is dedicated to creating high-quality, long-lasting, beautiful brooms for his customers.  Click Here to Contact Brian...

Our Studio

Broomcorn Johnny's is a full time, production based and historically functioning broom maker's studio; if you drop by, you will likely find Brian, who is trained as a mechanical designer, busy at work. Brian enjoys researching and reviving obscure historical broom designs.  At his studio, Brian produces a wide range of brooms, including the standard kind used for cleaning floors, smaller ones for more specialized purposes, artistic creations meant for display and reproductions of 18th century pieces.

Broomcorn Johnnys - historic art of broom making

Handcrafted Brooms

Broomcorn Johnnys creates handcrafted brooms using traditional techniques and tools!

Broomcorn Johnnys - historic art of broom makingBrooms for Sale

Broomcorn Johnnys sells brooms to store, and traditional sales outlets, as well as online sales through ESTY!

Broomcorn Johnnys - historic art of broom makingUpcoming Events

Please check our list of upcoming shows.  This would include traditional craft shows, and wholesale shows.